RH Mechatronics provides hardware design services for a wide range of products. We have experience in robotics, medical devices, aerospace, and automotive. We love to innovate and solve interdisciplinary problems in creative ways. Contact us to discuss more and see how we can help design your next project.

Randy Hellman, Founder



We are capable of a wide range of mechanical engineering needs and specialize in small mechanisms for robotic and wearable applications. We utilize the full range of prototying tools that allow for quick iteration and development.

Embedded Software

Experience in embedded software development with bare metal and TI-RTOS. We are able to develop drivers for novel sensors and have experience integrating a wide range of sensor solutions that require embedded, electrician and mechanical considerations.


Nothing is off limits. Electrical schematic capture and layout is a necessary part of any complex mechatronics system and we are able to offer the full range to complete the system. Experience in developing BLE SimpleLink devices and taking them through regulatory certifications.


Zero backlash pully reduction
Modular design
Robotic Finger
Highly sensorized robotic finger
Custom Drone
Hardware development
Robot Control
Custom built iOS app
Prototype development


Prototype Development

Nothing is off limits here. The best way to improve the design is to iterate and test new concepts. We offer a wide range of prototyping tools to bring concepts to reality.


Full range of R&D services are available. Whether you would like us to run independently or be an extension of your R&D team we are able to ramp up quickly and push a project forward.

Product Design

Once a prototype reaches a suitable readiness level it is time to develop a commercial product. We take a holistic approach and are able to understand what it takes to realize that product.

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